Novel medical treatment using Amplified Resonant Frequencies of pathogens.

We are surrounded by a whole variety of pathogenic organisms - mainly viruses and bacteria. Modern antibiotics are effective in some cases, but it is often a race against time before the bacterium adapts and the antibiotic becomes impotent.

Itís a war which we seem to be losing, made worse by people on drug regimes not continuing the treatment until the end of the course of medication, so that some bacteria survive and become immune to the treatment. Furthermore, the current treatments take time and there are often side effects.

Finally, antibiotics only work against bacteria and can do nothing to combat viruses.

The ideal requirement, therefore, would be for a system that kills and eradicates all bacterial and viral pathogens instantly. The system would need to be inexpensive and administered in one sitting, and be selective in that it would only affect the target pathogens.


Consider the following points.

1.Crystal Healing

Throughout recent medical history, there have been claims that certain crystals are of benefit in different ailments. There is some anecdotal evidence supporting this, but, because this is regarded as a 'fringe' treatment by the medical establishment, no clinical trials have been done to verify the phenomenon. Clearly, one of the problems is that the mechanisms that may be involved are not understood.


2. Frequency Amplification

We're all famiiar with the phenomenon of a wine glass being broken by a woman singing at a high pitch. The glass shatters when the pitch of her voice reaches the resonant frequency of the crystal structure in the glass.

Bridges also resonate. Marching soldiers are ordered to "break step" when crossing a bridge in case the rhythm of their marching matches the frequency of the bridge structure and so collapses it.

This principle of frequency amplification can be employed to check the long-term integrity of a variety of structures such as buildings, aircraft and pipework. A vibration of a particular frequency is propagated through the structure and the resultant 'return signal'  recorded. If later vibration tests show any alteration in the return signal, that indicates a potential structural problem.


3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Used for medical diagnosis, MRI scanners work on the principle of a magnetic field being applied to the electron spin of a water molecule in a cell and a return signal being read.

This basic technique is also used for bomb disposal. Specially designed portable MRI kits can recognise the molecular structure of a variety of explosive materials by reading the return signal. Each type of explosive has its own characteristic signal. Detonation is simple: you simply amplify the particular resonant frequency and direct it at the explosive. The resonance causes it to explode.

So we now know that finding the resonant frequency of any material enables us to recognise it for what it is - be it a cell or a explosive. Furthermore, if an amplified frequency is applied to that material it will be destroyed - be it a bridge, a wine glass or an explosive. 


I propose applying this principle to the identification and eradication of pathogenic cells.

If all structures have their own resonant signature, it should be possible to identify  the architecture of the cell of a virus or bacterium by MRI.

Once identified, the pathogen should be able to be destroyed by amplifying its resonant frequency and directing the signal to the cell.

Of course, it would not be necessary to do this cell by cell, since, if the whole body were 'irradiated' with the resonant frequency, only the target cells would resonate and thus be destroyed. 

Practically speaking, one would envisage the following diagnostic/treatment system. Using an MRI-type device, the patient's various pathogens would first be identified by measuring their resonant frequencies . A computer would then be programmed to deliver the amplified resonant frequencies of one particular pathogen in "destruction mode". These would be directed at the patient's body using a modified MRI system, and the target pathogens destroyed.

This would be repeated for each pathogenic organism giving rise to each of the patient's disease states.

Something approximating to this principle may explain crystal healing. It may be that, in the rare instances when the natural resonance of a crystal exactly matches the resonant frequency of the disease (i.e. the cells of the pathogen causing the problem), a cure can be effected.

Experiments are planned to test the viability of this novel diagnosis/treatment  approach. 


A Cuthbert Friday April 12 2002


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