Primary Power Generating System


The introduction to society of a renewable power source that is completely environmentally
friendly and pollution free, low cost, and requiring minimum infrastructure. The main aim at
this time is to replace existing electric power plants, but the power source may, at a later date,
be designed for many other purposes such as transport.


In this day and age of pollution and high cost a new more friendly power source is essential.
It must be of low cost to run, manufacture, and maintain. To this end a concept has been
proposed, developed and tested that meets the above criteria. The primary energy source is
the gravitational field of the earth.

Gravity engine

The simplest form of gravity engine may be found in a hydro-electric power plant. Here water
from a reservoir is dropped from a height onto a turbine or water wheel and thus causing the
turbine or wheel to turn. This system requires a reservoir of water whose level is above the
level of the turbine or wheel and the gravitational field of the earth is the energy source
responsible for the working of the system. However the operation of this system relies on
water from the reservoir and the system will stop unless the water in the reservoir is
replenished. In this sense hydro-electric power generation plants are not closed systems. In
contrast the present proposal is a closed system in that it does not require a supply of material
to harness the gravitational field of the earth.


This section containing various files and data has been ommitted temprerally due to patent issues and becuase of the intest of a large multi-international company. This being until an independent body that is currenly repeating our experiments and validating our results, prior to publication.

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